• Patna College Celebrates 150th Glory
  • Patna City Bandh Against Hooch Tragedy
  • Mahatma Statue Comes To Patna
  • Patna Celebrates New Year
  • Dozens Fined For Tinted Glass
  • Patna Unites Against Rape
  • Astrologers Congregates At Patna
  • Governor Awards Degree To MMHU Toppers
  • British Forces Under Buddha Tutelage
  • Dilli Haat In Patna Soon

Advance Ambulance Services Starts In Patna

June 4, 2009
Chief minister Nitish Kumar has inaugurated the Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support ambulance services in Patna on wednesday. An enterprise of public-private parternership this service was long desired. After the new govt. took action improving the health services across the state there was a strong feeling about the need of improved ambulance services. The 10 ultra modern ambulance with ample of costlier life support system has been pressed into the service as a pilot project. The ambulance are fitted with GSM technology also to trace the location of the van. A technician and a helper

Bihar Appeals Banks For Easy Loans

May 31, 2009
Dy. Chief Minister Sushil Kr. Modi has requested the central govt to release orders for a lesser interest rate for "education loan" by the banks. Mr. Modi has directed the banks to make the loan sanction process easy. In a meeting with the representatives of different banks working in Bihar, Mr. Modi expressed his dissatisfaction over the banks performance in context of giving loans to students. "You are making good profits from this poor state despite the global slowdown and cut-backs, you to corroborate this. Thus, dont' our students deserves a better service from you. I expect

One Dead In NTPC in Barh

May 30, 2009
On saturday morning there is a major accident in the NTPC newest establishment in Barh, some 60 kms from the state capital. One technician come to death on the spot. The incident occured during the setting of Cell in chimney no. 1 when all of a sudden the high tension rope broken down. The 25 years old technician cum helper Vikas Kr. alias Vicky become the victim. The police approached the thermal premises and taken the body into custody for post- mortem. Later the body been given to the family. "The company which was given contract named U-Flax was doing the job and Vikas Kumar was a temporary

2 More Flyover in Patna

May 26, 2009
To reduce the surging traffic pressure on boring road in Patna the state urban development ministry has decided to build a flyover near. The site plan has got the technical clearance. The flyover will cost rupees 111 crores. In the meeting of Planning Authority Board in Patna an initial decision has been taken in on tuesday. The  board has not given the green signals to the two more flyovers in the city. The proposed flyover at R-Block will have to wait as its 30 crores budget has to be given to Boring road flyover. The board has took the decision on a need based priority. One more flyover

2 More Flyover in Patna

May 25, 2009
To reduce the surging traffic pressure on boring road in Patna the state urban development ministry has decided to build a flyover near. The site plan has got the technical clearance. The flyover will cost rupees 111 crores. In the meeting of Planning Authority Board in Patna an initial decision has been taken in on tuesday. The  board has not given the green signals to the two more flyovers in the city. The proposed flyover at R-Block will have to wait as its 30 crores budget has to be given to Boring road flyover. The board has took the decision on a need based priority. One more flyover

31 IAS Officers Transferred

May 23, 2009
After the successful completion of loksabha election the somehow relaxed state govt. has decided to change the portfolios of public servants. On saturday the state govt. released a notification regarding transfer of 31 IAS officers. Moreover 3 IAS officers were given additional charges. The point to underscore is that officers who were occuping secretariate for quite significant time has been sent to far flung areas. Chief secretary of the Rural development Department, Mr. Anup Mukherjee has been given the portfolio of development commissioner. S.Raghawan who is currently the DC is due to retire

Nitish Sweeps Bihar

May 16, 2009
The mantra of development given by Nitish kumar has been corroborated by the people of Bihar as the JD-U-BJP alliance got 33 seats. The Nitish's party alone gets 22 seats, the highest ever. Though somewhat depressed by the NDA performance across nation the JD-U BJP has shown the shine here.

Laloo Loses Patliputra Seat To Ex-Friend

May 16, 2009
The RJD supremo would have never imagined in his wildest dream that his school day friend and one of the most reliable friend of him  would beat him embrassely in the LS election. Dr. Ranjan Pd. Yadav has win the Patliputra seats beating Laloo by more than 25 thousand votes. Once an ally of Laloo, better to say, it was Ranjan yadav who helped laloo get the crown for the first time way back in 1990s. The friends continued to enjoy till the Rabri Devi and their brothers hijacked the political skyline of Bihar. Dr. Yadav began to feel disrespected and his voice often been neglected there on.

Openings For 1300 Nurses In Bihar Hospitals

May 12, 2009
The state govt has given green signals for recruitment of 1300 nurses in state hospitals. In a cabinet meeting on tuesday, decision in this regard has been taken. There has been a significant shortage of Nurses in various hospitals. The three major hospitals namely Anugrah Medical College (Gaya), Nalanda Medical College (Patna) and Govt. Medical College in Bhagalpur will get the service of new nurses.

Patna Engineer Found Dead In Singapore

May 11, 2009
An employee of the USB bank in singapore, Setu Swetank found dead in Singapore under dubious conditions. The 25 years young software engineer who hails from Patna have been working their for more than a year. The family back home in Patna were drastically shocked at the death of the young boy. His father JitendraNath has blamed the Swiss authority and the USB bank management for hiding some facts.It is known that Swetant were found dead on a beach in Singapore. His family says that Swetant was too afraid of water and he could not go to beach therefore. The family has approached the Ministry of

Nitish Rocks In NDA Meet In Ludhiyana

May 10, 2009
As the NDA is treading gradually to power as the four phase of election completes, the JD-U brand leader Nitish Kumar come out as the most important allies of the alliance. In every poll prediction and political analysis the Nitish's Party JD-U has got the topped rank among BJP's allies. With the clean image of Nitish Kumar and a host of admiration he's getting for the rapid development work in Bihar has changed the political definition to a significant mark. People are now voting making development as a barometer and this new definition is sure to dust down Laloo & company. On

EC Officers on A Surprise Visit

May 10, 2009
The Election commission has sent its special team to Bihar to investigate the complaints about the miscrepancies happened during voting in the . The entire political circuit remained surprised as the visit was a tight-lipped affair and even the media were remained unknown. It is well known that the commission received maximum complaints from these six parliamentary constituencies. The six team each having two members has reached the constituencies on friday. The enquiry team comprising senior EC officers, Retd. EC officers and IAS.The team will file its report to the commission after investigation

Peaceful Voting Done For 3 seats In Bihar

May 7, 2009
As the voting for the three seats in the state namely Patna Saheb, Patliputra and Nalanda completed 100% peacefully the administration has now rather more confident on its preparation. It is quite significant that at most of the polling booths security were not the big issue and state police force were quite easily managing things. No paramillitary forces, no treading of heavy boots, no gun-tottle commandos and still the polling was so smooth and no news of killings and blood bath. Yes, this is the picture of New Bihar.PatnaXpress group correspondents S.Amit and Nitin Kumar roams around the city

Amit Of Bihar Rocks In IPL-2009

May 7, 2009
No one would imagine in his wildest dream that a simple, ordinary and introvert middle class boy from the naxal affected Rohtas district of Bihar would become the star of the sports tabloid across the world. Amit Kumar, bowler from Shilpa Shetty's Rajasthan Royals team has becoming the center of attention as in the currently running Twenty20 IPL-2009 championship this chap continuously proving himself as "Match-Turner" helping his team treading to win the championship.On thursday in an important match between Rajasthan Royals and Bangalore Royals. Amit has taken 4 wicket in just

CRPF IG Pushkar Singh Arrested In Patna

May 6, 2009
The CBI on wednesday arrested the Inspector-General of Central Reserve Police Force in Patna in connection with his alleged involvement in multi-crore constable recruitment racket. Pushkar Singh among 8 others has been taken into remand for further inquiry.  Mukesh Kumar and his wife Swati Bhardwaj from Kankarbagh, Tripurari alias Babloo from K'bagh and Sidhnath Sharma has been arrested earlier. Mukesh has been named as the prime agent who played important role in providing "paid" candidate. He was the interface between the officers and the "paid candidates". Three

25 Shocked To Death In Sitamarhi

May 6, 2009
Following the tragic accident on monday in Hazipur in which an ambassdor car along with total 7 passenger burnt to ashes, Tuesday remarked with another heartbreaking tragedy as 25 people burnt alive as a moving bus dashed into a electricity pole following which the entire bus come into the effect of high tension current as the wire come down over it.The accident took place near Sikanpur village under Nanpur police station in Sitamarhi some 200 kms from Patna. According to eye witness the accident took place due to "poor driving" otherwise everything was fine. "It happens around

CBI Found Finagle In CRPF Recruitment

May 5, 2009
The Central Bureau of Investigation team has raided at 20 place across five states on tuesday. The raid was somewhat surprising to the height that officers in the KadamKuan Police station in Patna could not understan what's going on as both the police station and CRPF office happens to be neighbor next door placed in the premises of Moinul-Haq-Stadium in RajendraNagar. The office and resident of IG (CRPF), Mr. Pushkar singh were raided and as per CRPF disclosure significant amount of cash (in crores) has been recovered from the officer residence in Chitragupta Nagar in Patna. While the cash

Jharkhand Girl Topped Civil Service Exam

May 4, 2009
Subhra Saxena becomes the proud overnight for the state of Bihar & Jharkhand. Subhra has topped the Civil Services exam by UPSC this year as result were published on monday. The most intriguing fact is that first three rank were all taken by woman candidate as Sharandip Kaur and Kiran Kaushal has ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively. The 30 year old Subhra Saxena has her 2nd attempt this time. She is an engineering graduate from IIT roorkee.There has been a spark of celebration mood in the academic circuit of Bihar and Jharkhand as the news flashes in on monday. Santosh Kumar of Bhagalpur, Pawan

Seven Burnt To Death As Car Burnt In Sonepur

May 4, 2009
The accident took place near Gautam Chowk in Bhinik Tola at NH-19 near Hazipur. The seven person were returning after attending a wedding ceremony in Samastipur. As per information the marriage of Manoj Paswan son of Ramji Paswan, resident of Hazipur was held in late night on sunday. The marriage party held at Parmanand pur in Samastipur district. As the rituals completed, around 12 o'clock in midnight 7 of the baratis decided to get back to their place i.e. Hazipur. They took an ambassdor car and were about to reach Hazipur as a truck from the opposite direction run over the car. The truck

Bihar MP's Fails To Use Funds

May 3, 2009
While the people have to sit on dharna, withdraw to participate in election process and resort to violent procession for the basic necessity like drinking water, better roads and electricity, our leadership is concentrated on making excuse claiming the state-center friction over development funds. PatnaXpress looks into the matter and discovers some surprising facts and finds this time a perfect one to publish such data as elections for two phase are still due.As the Loksabha election is going on, throughout the campaign we have seen the blame game. While the ruling party in state blames that