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Laloo Loses Patliputra Seat To Ex-Friend

Laloo Loses Patliputra Seat To Ex-Friend
May 16, 2009

The RJD supremo would have never imagined in his wildest dream that his school day friend and one of the most reliable friend of him  would beat him embrassely in the LS election. Dr. Ranjan Pd. Yadav has win the Patliputra seats beating Laloo by more than 25 thousand votes. Once an ally of Laloo, better to say, it was Ranjan yadav who helped laloo get the crown for the first time way back in 1990s. The friends continued to enjoy till the Rabri Devi and their brothers hijacked the political skyline of Bihar. Dr. Yadav began to feel disrespected and his voice often been neglected there on. This sows the seed of enmity and parted ways of the two leaders.

"Laloo is known for diminish his friends and this is why where he stands now", said Yadupati Sinha a professor in Patna college and one time friend of Laloo. As the results come in yesterday for the 15th LS election the laloo's party RJD just get 4 seats a loss of 18 seats as compared to last time. Laloo filed nominations from both Saran and Patliputra. From Saran he beats BJP's Rajiv Pratap Rudi while lost in Patliputra. The Nitish led JD-U had given ticket to Dr. Ranjan Yadav. As per analyst perspective it was the win of JD-U and not of Dr. Yadav - but whatever be the matter the relief is here that sponsors of caste & crime has been tramped in Bihar this time.