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Laloo-Rabri Rules Witnessed 89 Massacre

Laloo-Rabri Rules Witnessed 89 Massacre
April 29, 2009

Bihar which once known for massacre and caste based brutality all during the 15 years rule of RJD under the leadership of Laloo followed by her wife Rabri Devi, is in transition phase. Now as the election for the 15th loksabha is going on people recalls and find both the CONGRESS and RJD equally responsible for the trauma the state and its people had to face.  It was Congress and Sonia Gandhi which supported Laloo each and everytime his govt. had to prove majority in the state assembly.

Bihar has been known for caste based politics for so long. Parties used to distribute tickets to candidates depending on their caste. A "good" candidate is considered "good" only if he belongs to the majority caste of a particular constituency. Sometimes this go too far and parties moves its good candidate to different location just because of their caste. Such things speaks itself that how much bold the casteism here was. As per recorded crimes there were 812 people killed in these massacres. The uprising of social backlash against upper caste began with the onset of Laloo into power. In order to keep their prestige, glory and ego upper caste unites and units like Ranvir sena were strengthened. The following is the history and state bring bad name. Lower unemployed youth of urban area preferred to chose dacoity, snatching and kidnapping as they had no fear of law. In case they were caught they often approach the petty politicians and win their favour on the name of casteism. Bureaucrats and police had been made powerless and politicians became the superpower. Obviously there on politics and crime become synonym, Alike there were no difference in politics and criminals. Big names in crime like Anand Mohan, Md. Shahabuddin, Pappu Yadav, Dhumal Singh, Surajbhan singh got the rank of either MLA or MP. With the Nitish govt. enters into fourth year, by now about 32,000 big and small size criminals were sent behind bars. Awarded with life term, 7 years imprisonment or whatever but all were treated equally under the rule of law with the help of Fast track court. The silent changes under the maverick leadership of Nitish is now begin to take shape. Actually it was his "work" which changed the issue upside down. Now people ask for Roads, Drinking Water, Power supply, Education and better health services. Even just this alone be considered, it is a great thing this govt. has done. Bihar desperately needed a change and change of attitudes which has knocked finally.  Many internation forums and World agencies has accepted and admire the changes in Bihar. There are talks of surprising changes in Bihar at many dais of international appeal. Even for the people of Bihar changes are unbelievable. During my tour to gaya last month to Gaya i felt the changes of mindset. Talking to Ramiya Mahto,52, in a far flung village named "Sarausa", some 14 kms. of Nawada when i queried him, do they feel any changes in their life as its more than 3 year there is "Susasan" in Bihar? He reacts, "We continues to be here during all those days of lawless ness and during the nitish ji's sarkar. "humlogan ke rajniti se ka matlab babu, par kam se kam ab hamni ke bahu-beti ke ijjat toh bacchal ba, rangdari bhi naikhe howwa tah". This rocks me, surprised me and somewhat enthuasist me.