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Press Council Chairman Surprised Patna

Press Council Chairman Surprised Patna
February 24, 2012

February, 24th, Patna - Addressing the students of Journalism and teaching staves of Patna University at the Wheelar Senate hall the Chairman of the Press council of India and the Hon'ble retired judge of Supreme court of India, Justice Markandey Katju become the center of attention. Visiting Patna for the first time Justice Markandey got a mix response here. Known for his aggressive style he expressed his pity for the media persons working in Bihar. A mayhem erupts as Mr. Katju says that he come to know that media in Bihar is working under severe pressure from the government and Freedom of press is being trampled. On this, some people from audience expressed their opposition followed by slogan shouting in the senate hall itself. The local police swing into action and control the situation immediately, left by a series of verbal uproar.

But this aggravated Mr. Katju who warned the not to do any thing undemocratically and says that while he welcomes debate and even criticize but that must be in a manner. Unparliamentarian language and behaviors are not allowed in a democratic country, he said.

The vice-chancellor Shambhunath himself took the cudgel in his behalf and pacify the demonstrator and helped Justice Katju complete his lecture. Earlier he said that the nation and the Indian society is going through a transition phase and some sort of confusion prevails here. The nation is getting nowhere. Neither the leaders nor the people of this country are understanding where we are heading, he said. Introducing himself as a neighbor of Bihar as he belongs to Allahabad, justice katju stressed the need for intellectual input to the present society. He wanted the intellectuals of Bihar, belonging to every quarters of society to sit together and take the lead to move forward the nation in best direction.

Dr. Shambhunath, the Vice-Chancellor of Patna University invited the Chairman to honorarly join the university and to give his intellectual input. Around continuous laud of applause from audience, mix of Students of Journalism of Patna University, teaching Staves of the university and media persons Justice Katju expressed his concerns for the depleting values and rising intellectual backwardness among media persons.

At the end of the session an hour long interaction session been organized in which audience got an opportunity to question Justice Katju on different issues.