• Patna College Celebrates 150th Glory
  • Patna City Bandh Against Hooch Tragedy
  • Mahatma Statue Comes To Patna
  • Patna Celebrates New Year
  • Dozens Fined For Tinted Glass
  • Patna Unites Against Rape
  • Astrologers Congregates At Patna
  • Governor Awards Degree To MMHU Toppers
  • British Forces Under Buddha Tutelage
  • Dilli Haat In Patna Soon

Health Services Collapsed Across Bihar As State Employees Strike Continues

January 14, 2009
The state employees demand for regulation of 6th pay commission in the line of center. State secretariate, Collector office, Land registration office and all other dept. are virtually no man land. But the most unfortunate scene is in hospitals. The health services across the state has been severely collapsed. Several patients has been dead due to lack of care. Large hospitals like PMCH in Patna, DMCH in Darbhanga and S K Hospital in Muzaffarpur. On wednesday the striking group of employees intervene the work in PMCH.Meanwhile in ANMMCH in Gaya a patient named Naresh Kumar was dead due to lack

Laloo Visits Japan, Likes Bullet Train

January 13, 2009
Our desi minister Laloo yadav who is also railway minister in central is on a visit to Japan. On Monday the minister were astonished to watch the running of bullet train. He reacts like a normal kid said "aisa train toh appano des mein chalna chahiye". A dozen of highest rank officer and engineers is accompanying Laloo. Impressed with it Laloo and his accompanying team also took a journey on the world's fastest train. He boarded the bullet train "Sinken-sen" in Tokyo which runs at a speed of 300 Kms per hour. It takes only 2 hours 20 minutes to cover a distance of 515 kms

Gangwar rocks Bus Stand In Patna

January 13, 2009
The Mithapur Bus Stand in Patna on tuesday were riddled with bullet. The cross firing between two local gangs one of a Kundan singh and second of Pintu singh continues for about half an hour. According to reports the friction among agents of both group begin around 10 am. Two persons have been seriously injured in the firing. Police approached the scene quickly and arrested six rogue from the spot. Police recovered 3 pistols of 9 mm each from them. There are several rounds of bullets with them.

State Employees Continues Strike In Bihar

January 13, 2009
As the strike of state employees continues for sixth day in a row, management in several department seems collapsed. The most severe problem is being faced by patients and family of those who has patients with them. The states primary health centers are severly paralysed. Institution like PMCH in Patna has not a different story. Patients here are deprieved of their meals. Breakfast were served only till monday and that too was inappropriate. With the strike of employees work in Pathology and X-ray department has been stopped from last friday, resulted in delay in diagnosis.

Chunnu Sharma Arrested In Patna

January 12, 2009
A dreadest criminal named Chunnu Sharma has been arrested by Gandhi Maidan Police on monday.  He is a permanent resident of Ghosi in Jehanabad. The wanted criminal has named in more than a dozen case in different police station in Patna, Jehanabad and others. Once an associate of Bindu Sharma gang, he made his own gang a couple of years back. Most of his case is of extortion and murder for ransom.

Political Drama Continues In Jharkhand

January 11, 2009
Jharkhand Chief Minister Shibu Soren has to soften his stand under severe political pressure and seems agree to resign. He may submit his resignation to the state governor on monday. Earlier Laloo's wing RJD which play a vital role in the UPA govt. in Jharkhand threatens to withdraw support if Mr. Shibu do not resigns. Deputy CM Stephen Marandi and health minister Bhanu Pratap Shahi also make pressure on Mr. Soren to resign. It is well known that it is for only the third time in the history of Indian politics when a sitting Chief Minister of any state failed to win a legislative assembly seat. 

Bhojpuri Attracts Bollywood In Big Way

January 10, 2009
Though the trend of making Bhojpuri Film is not new the involvement of big names is getting pace these days. After Saira Banu, Tinu Anand, Udit Narayan, BhagayaShree now it's the turn of all time hit favourite Gajal singer Anup Jalota. Two of his film "Ham hi hero heeralal" and "Kohwar mein Dulha" went for muhurat last month in the heart of Mumbai. The suiting for the film is going on under the banner of Deva International. Gilson Studio in Mumbai were specially decorated on the occassion of Muhurat of "Ham hi..". 

Panchayat teacher raped, killed in Jehanabad

January 7, 2009
In an embrassing incident a young lady, teacher by profession has been raped and stabbed to death in Arwal under Kurtha Police station in Jehanabad district some 55 kms. south of Patna. Her body has been recovered on wednesday. The news flashes like wildfire and the locals get mobilised jammed the main Kurtha-Kinjar road. Xpressgroup correspondent Nirija, who visited the site from where the police unearthened the body. According to her the body had no clothing and there were significant sign of her being raped. The clothes were thrown in the nearyby Ganghar sewage.

HRD Finds 50 Lakh Fake Applicants

January 7, 2009
The Human resource department is going through some intriguing stages as it is busy scrutinising the application for appointment of teachers. While the department received a total of approx 10 million application, it finds that 5 million of which are bogus. Knowingly the HRD has given authority to Panchayat and block division units for shortlisting candidature.

IAS Goswami : A Long Journey In Shortest Time

January 7, 2009
Gautam Goswami who born in bihar in 1966 was an Indian civil servant, who faced allegations of corruption. He was also a MBBS doctor and a gold medalist. Have a very sharp mind since his early childhood he took part in the toughest Civil services exam and compete it in very first attempt. This is especially significant that he did not have any bureaucratic family background.Goswami was eulogized as a young hero for his supervision of relief efforts after floods hit Bihar in 2004. It was RJD ruling in Bihar under the leadership of Laloo yadav with the masque of his wife Rabri Devi as Chief mininster.

Ex- DM of Patna Gautam Goswami Passes Away

January 7, 2009
The ever most high profile ex-district magistrate of Patna Mr. Gautam Goswami passes away. Mr. Gautam were fighting from a couple of dreadly diseases for quite some time. On tuesday he succumbed to cancer in hospital. Mr. Gautam took his last breath in Indira Gandhi Institue(IGIMS) in Raja Bazar in Patna.

Fog made Rajdhani 24 hours Late In Patna

January 6, 2009
The premier rail service in India well known as Rajdhani Express seems not quite comfortable to commuters. Knowingly due to dense fog all the train are running late by 10-12 hours. Even Rajdhani Express is not the exception. The 2310 took a surprisingly 36 hours to reach Patna from Delhi which is a only a 12 hours run in ordinary days. The pantry in the train failed to serve food after the normal serving. The food stock were not updated in any of the stations in route and this made lack of food items. Passenger arrived at Patna Junction seem rather tired and hungry. Those who have children with

No Relief from Cold, Death Toll Rises To 23 In Bihar

January 6, 2009
The state is withering with chilled wind, dense fog and temperature as low as 7 - 10 degree. The normal life has been severely affected and the life seems come to a standstill. People don't dare to come outside their home untill it is very necessary. According to state communique a total of 23 people has lost their life due to cold. In the last 24 hours there were 4 death from each Muzaffarpur and Aurangabad. Motihari district has reportedly lost 3 lives. Three each from the Barauni and Goplaganj. Data and reports coming from other district is also distracting.

Central Pay Package For Teachers & Engineers In Bihar

January 6, 2009
The nitish govt. seems significant liberal over its staves. The state govt has announced that all teachers from primary to higher level schools will get the same pay packages what center is giving. This is also applicable to state engineers. Moreover the govt. has also affirmed that the new salary package will be accounted date back to January 2006. 

No Dowry Please : Kayastha Fedration

January 5, 2009
All India Kayastha Federation organised a seminar in Patna on sunday. The speakers at the meeting appealed the youth of the community to do marriage without dowry. Ex-minister Ravishankar Prasad were also present in the meeting. "There is a strong need to organised and unite for this community", he said.

Chirayantand Flyover Collapsed In Patna

January 3, 2009
The newly constructed Chirayantand flyover which connects south and north patna from center collapsed suddenly on saturday night. Knowingly part of this flyover is still under construction and this very part has collapsed . None were reportedly killed in the accident, thanks to destiny that the incident took place in late night hours otherwise too many people would have to lost lives. DM Jitendra Kumar sinha personally visited the site and called the engineers of the company which is working over the project. He ordered the company management to do a in-house inquiry and report him in as early

Severe Cold Hit Bihar

January 3, 2009
The state capital cought under severe cold with the westerlies continues for the fourth consecutive day. The normal life in the city is out of gear and businesses has been badly affected. There is a signinficant drop in the volume vehicular traffic on roads like fraser road, dakbunglow, Exhibition road and Bailey road. Morning walker on the parks' pathway is nowhere.According to met department director (incharge) S I Lashkar termed it as not cold wave in Patna or the state. Maximum and minimum temperatures are still normal for this period of winter. It is normal winter season, he says. January

Industrial carpet laying In Bihar

January 3, 2009
In the last couple of decades during the congress and RJD govt. industries in Bihar were the prime who pay the price. while most of the public enterprises died private sectors fled away settled in NCR, Rajasthan, Haryana etc.There are some significant move by the Nitish government in Bihar that seems to have successfully paved way for industrial growth. Taking steps furthe the state government invited the big business houses like Tatas, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ambani and others. During the last two years most of the big houses did not turn up with their projects, though the measures taken up

Rs.11.70 Lakh Looted From ICICI ATM In Begusarai

January 2, 2009
The ICICI bank ATM in Osho house premises neare Alka cinema hall became the target of robbers on the late night of thursday. When the city dwellers were busy celebrating new year in their houses and due to severe cold there were virtually no traffic there a gang of robbers approached the ATM. According to the guard at the ATM, there were 4 miscreants, two of whom tied his hand with cord they brought with them. Then the guard Kamaldeo Kishore's eyes were made closed by pasting tape over it.The robbers damaged the machine cover and taken the money out of it.

Sikhs In Patna Organises Prakash Utsav

January 1, 2009
On the occassion of the birth celebration of the 10th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Govind Singh ji, there will be a "nagar kirtan" organised on friday. The participant will roam on main roads from "Baddi Sangat Gurudwara" to Takht Shri Harimandir. There is a "akhand path" going on in Baddi Sangat Gurudwara for the second consecutive day. This will last on friday and  thereafter Diwan will be decorated with flowers and the sikh followers will participate in the Nagar Kirtan.