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Nitish Rocks In NDA Meet In Ludhiyana

Nitish Rocks In NDA Meet In Ludhiyana
May 10, 2009

As the NDA is treading gradually to power as the four phase of election completes, the JD-U brand leader Nitish Kumar come out as the most important allies of the alliance. In every poll prediction and political analysis the Nitish's Party JD-U has got the topped rank among BJP's allies. With the clean image of Nitish Kumar and a host of admiration he's getting for the rapid development work in Bihar has changed the political definition to a significant mark. People are now voting making development as a barometer and this new definition is sure to dust down Laloo & company. On an approximation Nitish's party is going to win 30 plus seats out of 40 in Bihar this time.

During the last couple of days Congress and it's general secretary Rahul Gandhi admired the work and work style of Nitish Kumar. Though it is clear that . The Party(congress) deliberately flashed that it was in constant touch with the JD-U star Nitish Kumar and the JD-U may come to UPA camp. While Mr. Kumar continuously denied such reports there were speculation began to cloud in media. To give such story a full stop and retain integrity of the alliance the top brass of BJP organised a rally in Ludhiana on Sunday where all parties of the alliance were invited to share the dais. The most intriguing twist erupts when Gujrat Chief minister and star campaigner of BJP Mr. Narendra Modi shown a hands-up-together in the rally with Nitish Kumar. Mr. Modi who is largely considered as a communal leader after his alleged role in Gujarat riots the warm hand shake between the two leaders has fired a trigger which is sure to become the headlines for media for quite some time. Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi being seen as the potential leader in the NDA camp.