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Peaceful Voting Done For 3 seats In Bihar

Peaceful Voting Done For 3 seats In Bihar
May 7, 2009

As the voting for the three seats in the state namely Patna Saheb, Patliputra and Nalanda completed 100% peacefully the administration has now rather more confident on its preparation. It is quite significant that at most of the polling booths security were not the big issue and state police force were quite easily managing things. No paramillitary forces, no treading of heavy boots, no gun-tottle commandos and still the polling was so smooth and no news of killings and blood bath. Yes, this is the picture of New Bihar.PatnaXpress group correspondents S.Amit and Nitin Kumar roams around the city and found that everything was fine. The newly appointed Kadamkuan police station inspector Jaynath Singh were quite relaxed though alert, personally visiting every booths of his areas. Pirbahore Police station Inspector Mr. Hasmi were seem concerned as his P.S. area is quite large geographically and critical too. Polling for Patliputra seat at Vikram, Bihta and Danapur were quite good and minority voters participated in signinificant numbers there. It is well known that Laloo Yadav and once his allies Dr. Ranjan Yadav is against one another from this seat.

Chief minister Nitish Kumar had to took train to visit Bakhtiyarpur as he is a voter there. He visite there in early hour around 10 on thursday and punched the EVM button. A host of media were following him throughout his 40 min. train journey. After giving vote he expressed his happiness over the peaceful voting in the state. He also appeal people to come out in large number and vote for the goodness of democracy. It is somewhat confusing after the new geographical definition of Loksabha constituency. The earlier "Patna" seat is now defined as Patna Saheb spread which through from the Rajiv Nagar(west Patna) to Bakhtiyarpur (including the all area of Patna city, Fathwa and Bakhtiyarpur). The second seats newly named as Patliputra includes Phulwari, Maner, Danapur, Vikram and Bihta vidhan sabha constituency.