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Bihar MP's Fails To Use Funds

Bihar MP's Fails To Use Funds
May 3, 2009

While the people have to sit on dharna, withdraw to participate in election process and resort to violent procession for the basic necessity like drinking water, better roads and electricity, our leadership is concentrated on making excuse claiming the state-center friction over development funds. PatnaXpress looks into the matter and discovers some surprising facts and finds this time a perfect one to publish such data as elections for two phase are still due.As the Loksabha election is going on, throughout the campaign we have seen the blame game. While the ruling party in state blames that center is not releasing enough fund for Bihar the opposition leaders blames that the state goverment fails to utilise the money and a lion's share of the fund means for the development work in state has to return to center every year. Though both of them are correct but there is a third angle here too which engulfs each and every member of Parliament irrespective of whether they belong to ruling party or the opposition.

The stark truth is that not a single MP from Bihar is utilising 100% of MP's fund for the development work. There are 40 Loksabha seats and 16 Upper Sabha seats in Bihar. Therefore a total of 56 representative. Raghuvansh Prasad, Alok Mehta, Akhilesh Pd. Singh, George Fernandes, Lalmuni Chaubey are some parliamentarians who has spend more than 95% of fund. There are some complains that upper house representative do prefer to work in Patna while ignores their home turf.  It may be to get the media attention but the complain is correct. As per rule an MP can select any one district of his choice for work to execute.Rajiv Pratap Rudi who fight election from Chhapra has selected Patna for work. This is a right complain from people as 10 out of 16 UH representatives has selected patna for work. It is quite surprising that Muslims parliamentarian are too poor in utilising fund and 20-25% of their fund is get returned. Ali Anwar(77.58%), Ejaj Ali(76.10%) has shown that how much interested they are in providing the better facilities to their people who has sent them to center. This is not the end. Sabir Ali has really embrassed the entire process of development fund as 75 percent of his alloted fund had to be returned. Each of the three leaders represents areas where muslims are outnumbered. Do they leaders think that Muslims will again vote them just because of religion. This election may underscore that Bihar has changed and muslim too deserves development. The media savvy Shivanand Tiwari once a hands in glove of Laloo yadav, now with NDA often blames the other party for every else. With just using 14.30% of his MP fund what message he want to give to the people of Bihar. Does he has moral right to blame center or others for not releasing development fund. He has topped the list from bottom as per utilisation of MP fund is concerned.