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Slower 3-G Expansion In Bihar

Slower 3-G Expansion In Bihar
May 1, 2009

The most advanced 3rd generation mobile services which has been launched by the state owned BSNL 2 months ago has been surprisingly failed to attract customers. As per record that the service which had been launched with much fan fare in 8 districts including Patna has only 800 customers. The eight districts includes Saharasa, Supaul, Hazipur, Bhagalpur, Katihar, Madhepura and Bodh-Gaya. According to general manager(marketing) of BSNL Mr. Harishankar Dwivedi the high price of 3-G handsets has deter to populate the service among laymen. BSNL has strong network and strong customer base in rural areas where people has lesser spending capacities and they rathe used cell phone just to remain in contact with their near and dear ones. Expensive services and handsets are never been their priorities.

He elaborates that anyone who wants to avail 3G service without change in their numbers can do this by simply having a special voucher that will just cost them 52 rs. It is well known that there is technically difference in 3g SIM and and ordinary SIM. BSNL is in talks with some international companies that will provide 3g handset with 3g SIM and BSNL 3g service as a bundled package. This will ease the difficulties of the end customer who are technically not very sharp.