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Anand Mohan's Drama In Saharsa Jail

Anand Mohan's Drama In Saharsa Jail
January 14, 2009

The politicians of criminal backgroud or criminals with political masque are not hitting the headlines for quite some time and hence there is a striking feeling of diminish and embrassment brewing among them. Most of them may it be Sahabuddin, Surajbhan singh, Pappu Yadav or Anand Mohan are behind bars under different cases. There is a major setback to their power and image as earlier despite being charged they uses Jail premises as their private lawn and walks across freely. But with the change in govt. all such drama has been closed. Following which people are forgetting them.

Now, to make sensation and to make their presence felt these sort of criminals make mayhem in jail. Following on the heels of surajbhan singh and Shahabuddin, on wednesday it was turn of Anand Mohan. Knowingly he is in Saharasa jail for quite some time. On wednesday he attacked the jail supritendent. He forcibly made open the gate of his ward and enters the room of the jail supritendent and threaten him to get killed. According to jail administration following the incident Saharsa jail supritendent Devendra Prasad has officially informed the department about the incident and appeal them to save his life.