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Katzu Transformed The Transforming Tales

Katzu Transformed The Transforming Tales
October 24, 2012

Retd. Justice of the Supreme Court of India and Chairman of the Press Council of India, Markanday Katju was in Patna on special invitation by a social organisation named Center for social responsibility and Leadership(CSRL). Basically it was a book release ceremony. The DGP of Bihar Police, Abhyanand write a book on his experiences as a social activist working with CSRL, which helps IIT aspirants of poor family background. In Abhyanand words the book is "tales of transforming" lives of poor students.


As Mr. Katzu comes on the microphone, he asks "you are making Engineers, but do you have employment?, You might be doing good things for the poor students but are you sure will they get better jobs after doing IIT". The country is passing through the most difficult phase and there is unprecedented decline in employment. The recession is on high and not a single political party have vision for employment and development. Even the fundanmentals rights of the people are being encroached in India. 

Moving ahead, criticizing the self eulogy practices of state goverments he shared the  bad experiences he got during his last visit to patna this February. "there is a road named Ashok Rajpath... and it's an arterial one, but this road is full of garbage and stinks...", he said. Corroborating his sardonic speech there is a power cut and the conference hall of hotel Chanakya full of about 200 guests and media, went blank for about 4-5 minutes till the power-backup arrangements could be enforced. He critically asked the audience "this is the power condition of your capital, Bihar is really developing". Mr. Katzu proved himself as critic and not anti-Nitish or any one by putting the example of higher than the average child malnutrition rate in Gujarat.

There is no industry, no elecricity and no employment in the Bihar after seven long years of this government in power. Praising the first term of Nitish Kumar he simultaneously blamed him to forget his priority. He put Nitish parallel to the historical King of Magadh kingdom named Dhanan whose self-praising habit devastated him.

Later in the evening the Abhayanand presided over a meeting and shown his displeasure over the Katzu's address. Following this Media persons were called in again to a special Press Conference and attempt were made to dodge the briefing of Mr. Katzu. "It was a book release ceremony to praise the effort of some persons and organisations which is working at grassroot level for the upliftment of downtrodden children of society", Abhyanand said. "It is about "Super 30, Super 60 and Super 100", a free residential coaching system for poor who wants to be in IIT. Transforming the lives of poor children is the focus area and we don't have any political connection", stress a member of the organising commitee. "DGP Abhyanand plays a vital role though limited to teaching only ,but his presence in the organisation helped us get funds quite easily from big corporates, especially the public sector one like GAIL, NTPC etc.", he said.  "It was not a political dais and we have no relation with what Mr. Katzu said in the conference", said a somewhat dejected Abhyanand, the DGP of Bihar Police.