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Great Display By Fine Art Student

Great Display By Fine Art Student
January 24, 2012

Fine Art is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. A student of Patna Art College, Sunny has proved the quote once again. While the college was basking in the glory of a wonderful 75th anniversary amid full media attention and as the university looses its purse string for the celebration function, a 3rd year student of the same college were denied to exhibit his showpiece citing the painting he wishes to display may broadcast wrong message in society. Not distracted by this discouraging decision of the college, Sunny kumar exhibited his portrait in a nearby deserted ground of Bengali Akhara premises, some 100 meters away from the college. "these days some youth do write the name of their girlfriends using their blood to impress them, i do it for portraying Bharat Mata, Is this my fault?", asks the young chap. 'I did my best but the college administration has not allow my art piece for exhibition' he continues. Though nervous a bit as he attracted displeasure of some of his seniors and college administration a visually enthralled Sunny underscores the three messages inherited in his portrait. “First, I want to make people remember the sacrifice of our freedom-fighters and leaders. The blood they happily devoted to their loving country. Secondly, the jawans of India in far flung borders area are still continuously sacrificing their life for us. The 10 ml of my  blood used to make this portrait is just to show solidarity with those jawans. Third the last but not the least this portrait do broadcast message that underscores the importance of blood, hence this draw awareness for blood-donation in society”, said sunny kumar. The 3rd year student of Applied Art Subject sunny may have failed to convince the college authorities but his never-die-spirit has engulfed the college authority in a dock where they are supposed to clarify their stand. Sunny kumar is not a new name for making news. It is this very student whose unique design on 'No-liquor Day' using waste bottles of liquors hit the media attention. A different mind with a different approach - a real cocktail for art & creativity.